German citizenship for investment ... time and effort
Germany is the largest and most stable economy in Europe. German passport offers visa-free access to 188 countries of the world. Germany ranks fourth in the list of the best…

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Russian “Haynets” are adapting to new orders: the results of a joint survey of Tranio and Adam Smith Conferences
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Small apartments as an object for investment in Russia and abroad
Review prepared by Tranio and CIAN Small apartments are traditionally in demand. At the same time, they are increasingly being acquired not as housing for themselves, but are considered as…

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Redemption of apartments in Phuket

Invest with a fixed exit date and a 56% income for 8 years. The construction company Phuket9 announces the option of the buy-out of apartments on the project VIP KATA Condominium.

The first two buildings of the VIP KATA Condominium project were commissioned in July 2018. A month later, in August 2018, Phuket 9 began to implement the second phase of the project – these are two more buildings with 209 apartments, two shared swimming pools, park areas on the roofs of buildings, restaurants and a children’s club.

Phuket Property
By March 2019, the construction of the foundation of two new buildings was completed, and more than 50% of the apartments were sold.

Phuket Property
Since March 2019, Phuket9 has been offering the option to repurchase apartments purchased in leasehold. The offer is valid for a limited amount of apartments.

Rental income 56%
The rental program and management of apartments in the complex VIP KATA Condominium is for 8 years at a rate of 7% per annum. Value added tax is deducted from income during the program.

Upon expiration of the lease agreement, the terms of the extension of the agreement or interaction on other conditions is discussed individually.

Instant rental income
In case of purchase of an apartment in two new buildings under construction VIP KATA Condominium, the buyer has the opportunity to receive income from the investment from the first day after full payment, even during construction. In other words, if the buyer decides to pay the full amount immediately, his investment will begin to generate income immediately after the receipt of money on the company’s account.

The contract for the purchase of an apartment by the developer is concluded at the time of signing the contract for the purchase of an apartment in the project VIP KATA Condominium. The contract is signed at the request of the buyer.

Repurchase of the apartment occurs after the completion of the rental program after 8 years. The buyer has the opportunity to earn 56% (7% per annum) and plan a way out of the investment with a 100% return of the cost of the apartment.

A repurchase agreement implies the mandatory sale of an apartment to the developer if it is signed. In the case when the owner, upon expiration of the lease term, plans to sell the apartment independently at the market price, or to extend the lease agreement with the developer for an additional period, the contract on repurchase is not concluded.

Buying an apartment in a condominium VIP KATA
To purchase one of the apartments in the ready-built buildings of the VIP Kata condominium, you can contact the sales office of Phuket 9 for more information. In response to your letter, you will receive the current price list, available apartment layouts and floor plans, information on booking, payment, as well as examples of contracts with translations for review.

Purchase procedure
Buying an apartment can occur remotely. However, if possible, the buyer can visit the company’s office and construction site to assess the location, see the first finished buildings and the process of building a new phase.

Apartment reservation
After selecting a suitable apartment, the buyer makes the first payment in the amount of 100 thousand baht to the account of the company Phuket9 and receives a receipt for booking an apartment.

Most often, the reservation takes place in the office of the company after inspection of the show units and construction. After payment of 100 thousand baht, the buyer leaves Thailand, and the further signing of the contract occurs remotely.

Signing a contract
Preparation of the main contract takes from several days to 2 weeks, depending on the willingness of the buyer to sign the agreed version of the contract.

Upon completion of approvals and clarifications on all clauses of the contract, the developer will send two signed copies of the contracts to the buyer’s address by express mail.

The buyer signs both copies and sends one of them to the address of the office of Phuket9.

Payment under the contract
After signing the contract, the buyer makes the payment in accordance with the agreed payment schedule. After receiving the payment, the developer issues a receipt, and the contract enters into force.

Yield payout
Depending on the selected conditions for the rental program, the developer transfers the income to the account of the buyer in a Thai bank twice a year.

Guaranteed Income Investment
Phuket Property
If you are interested in the proposal to invest in the project VIP KATA Condominium from the company Phuket9, please, once again pay attention to the advantages of the project:

Location – 500 meters from the beach, developed infrastructure
A unique concept of the project – more than 380 apartments with a children’s park and roof gardens
Completed buildings and active construction of two new buildings
56% income program – instant income even during construction
A buyback program for a planned exit from an investment
Full packages of furniture and decor are included in the price.
Bonuses from the company in the form of discounts on hotel accommodation
Phuket Company 9 is one of the fastest growing construction companies on the island with active construction of commercial real estate.

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